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Saturday, 20 November 2010

CC coklate moist dgn Ganache

Semalam buat CC coklate moist dgn Ganache ( ada wipp cream) untuk kawan sheedah d Jabil.Lepas balik raya nk share ole2 raya dgn colleque dia d sana..tq Sheedah ..hope depa suka..Just simple deco..
Here the upload picture...!!!!!


  1. Those are gorgeous cc kak! Awesome...;)

    How's ur grandson doing kak??

  2. Ello...Love,
    Tq for dropping by and tq 4 the compliments too. My grandson..hu..hu..too many things to describes but Handsome for sure...just like MY RISHIE....( grandson akak handsome Malay version..he..he..)


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